DuraVek from TuffPlans®

DURAvek is a new product that allows users to print waterproof documents directly from their in-house Laser Printers or other Electrostatic printing devices.

  • Waterproof
  • Resistant to cleaning chemicals, bleach, petrol, diesel, oil and grease proof
  • Will withstand extremely high temperatures up to 240 degrees C and as low as -40 degrees C
  • High opacity allows full colour printing both sides
  • Tear resistant
  • Designed for colour dry toner printing

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DUAvek Stock Replenishment Scheme
For Frame & Truss Manufacturers

DURAvekis the ideal media on which to print your Frame &Truss Plans as well as your load sheets.

It’s waterproof, solvent resistant, tear resistant and can be printed on *most Laser Printers and Electrostatic Copiers. Available in both A4 & A3 sizes and 125gsm, 160gsm and 190gsm weights.

Details on the Stcok Replenishment Scheme to appear here shortly