About Us

TuffPlans® specialise in printing on Tyvek®, and have been doing it successfully for more than five years.

While we are known for printing Frame & Truss and Project Plans we also produce a range of other products including Topographical Maps, Marine Charts, Sports Training Guides, Safety Signage in fact any printed item that may be subject to harsh conditions, moisture and yet remain durable.

TuffPlans® point of difference is that we use Tyvek® teamed with printing technology which produces a product that is:

  • Waterproof – Both the Tyvek® media and the printed image are unaffected by water, moisture or solvents.
  • Tearproof – Unable to be torn.
  • Colourfast – Image is embedded to the page unlike standard ink based printers.
  • Dimensionally Stable – No matter what temperature Tuffplans® remain dimensionally stable and plans are true to scale

As of 2021 we have introduced DigiTuff to our product range, this is a polyester based paper like media that can be printed by most laser printers. DigiTuff is waterproof, won’t tear and extremely durable. To download a Digituff brochure CLICK HERE


Below is a short video which will show you her difference between plain paper plans and TuffPlans® printed on Tyvek®.


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