Custom Printing on Waterproof & Durable Synthetic Paper

Durable Products limited only by your Imagination

DURAvek & TuffPlans® ENVIRONMENTAL are part of a family of tough, durable sheet products used in a variety of applications.
The qualities of these media options such as extreme durability, resistance to moisture of any kind even salt water and solvents, can’t be torn and can be printed in high-resolution colour make it unique.
Books, signs, banners, envelopes, credit card sleeves, eco friendly bags and promotional apparel can all be made from TuffPlans® Media

Maps & Charts

The elements may be no match for a determined camper or fisherman, but maps, charts, signs and other outdoor guides are another matter. Tyvek® resists repeated folding & flexing without tearing. The TuffPlans® printing system means Maps & Charts are always readable.


Manuals, Booklets, Guides and other items that need to be used outside in all weathers.

Flyers & Brochures

Ideal for Flyers & Brochures in the world of adventure tourism.

Race Numbers

Items that need to seen in all conditions such as Race Numbers.

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